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Dr Leo Schep’s publications

Schep L, Poulsen H, Gee P. (2017) “Analytical Advances in Drug Detection of Piperazines” in “Detection of Misused Drugs”. Royal Society of Chemistry, London. ISBN: 9781782621577. Editor Wolff K. (http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/ebook/978-1-78262-157-7).

Schep LJ, Slaughter RJ, Galea S, et al. (2016) Ibogaine for treating drug dependence. What is a safe dose? Drug and alcohol dependence. 166(1):1-5.

Gee P, Schep LJ, Jensen BP, Moore G, Barrington S. (2016) “Case series: toxicity from 25B-NBOMe – a cluster of N-bomb cases”. Clinical Toxicology. 54 (2): 141-146.

Schep LJ, Gee P, Tingle M, Galea S, Newcombe D. (2014) “Regulating novel psychoactive drugs: Innovation leading to compromise”. British Medical Journal. 349: g5085.

Schep LJ, Slaughter RJ, Beasley DMG. (2010) Clinical toxicity of methamphetamine. Clinical Toxicology 48(7):675–694.

Schep LJ, Watts, M. “Alpha-PVP: A novel amphetamine analogue with a deadly reputation”. NZ Doctor. March 30, 2016. Page 37.

Schep LJ. “Synthetic cannabinoids: the lows that follow the legal highs”. NZ Doctor. November 20, 2013. Page 21.

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