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Independent Forensic Practitioner Institute Membership Criteria

Foundation membership

Foundation membership is limited to those full members admitted to the Institute on the day of Incorporation, being 30 March 2006.

Full membership

Ordinary full members shall be applicants who have satisfied the membership committee that they are qualified to be full members of the Institute. Full membership is considered on a case-by-case basis, on consideration of the applicants’ qualifications and experience provided in their membership applications and in their accompanying curriculum vitae.

1. An applicant must demonstrate that he or she works independently. An applicant must also demonstrate that his or her work is in accordance with the highest standards of his or her profession (including ethical codes of conduct and practice), that such work is conducted with disinterest, and without favour or prejudice, and that any judgments or conclusions are based solely on professional expertise. The applicant must also be free to accept or reject any commission, based solely on professional judgement and must not be influenced by commercial or other factors.

2. Applicants must demonstrate that they conduct forensic work – that is scientific or technical work for court or for evidential purposes.

3. Applicants must demonstrate that they are or have been active practitioners – that is, they practice a forensic occupation, profession, or technique or are actively involved in academic research into such topics. Having an interest in a forensic topic but not being actively engaged in practice or research does not quality an applicant for full membership.

4. Applicants must demonstrate that they have the appropriate qualifications or expertise to practice the forensic work in which they are engaged.

5. Applicants must furnish the membership committee with the names and contact details of two appropriate referees of good standing, at least one of whom is an existing member of the IFPI, who are able to verify the qualifications and expertise of the applicant.

6. The Membership Subcommittee may, at its discretion, recommend for associate membership, an applicant who does not fulfill the requirements for full membership.

Exclusion criteria

An application will be declined if the applicant is unsuitable for membership. Members will normally be asked to produce any information suggesting unsuitability for membership within 21 days of an application being received. All applications are treated in confidence and are not discussed outside the Institute. Reasons for an application being declined are not revealed to the applicants and are not discussed outside IFPI. It is the responsibility of applicants and members to bring to the attention of the membership subcommittee any information that may have bearing on a membership application or membership renewal.

IFPI requires that its members observe a high standard of professional conduct .

Associate membership

Applicants who are not eligible for full membership may apply for associate membership. Associate members have no voting rights. Those who are studying in an area of forensic science but who are not currently actively practising a forensic occupation, profession, or technique, or who have been practising in their chosen field for less than two years may be eligible for associate membership. Associate members may not refer to their membership as a qualification or credential or to qualify themselves as an expert witness for a judicial proceeding.

Honorary life membership

Honorary life members shall be full members recommended by Officers of the Institute for Honorary Life Membership in recognition of outstanding service to the Institute. Such recommendation shall be put to the members at the Annual General meeting and shall be passed by a simple majority vote. Honorary life members shall retain any pre-existing voting rights.

Link to membership form: IFPI_Membership_Application_Form.pdf

Link to Code of Conduct for expert witnesses: Code_of_Conduct_for_Expert_Witnesses.pdf

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