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Paul Bass

Phone : +64 02 1663236 

Email: paul@paulbass.co.nz 

website www.paulbass.co.nz

Paul has over 32 years hands-on experience in investigative and analytical work associated with motor vehicle accidents.

He holds internationally recognized motor vehicle accident reconstruction accreditation ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction), and keeps his skill sets current by often travelling overseas to attend industry related training, conferences and crash testing events.

He utilizes advanced technology in his work to the benefit of his clients and can provide a fresh and independent look at an event/crash/collision.

Paul’s crash investigation expertise includes: Area of impact location, friction issues, impact speeds, driver sightlines/visibility, time to contact, evasive time distance issues , Perception Response Time and /or  vehicle dynamics in determining the causative and contributing factors involved.

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