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Independent Forensic Practitioners Institute

The Independent Forensic Practitioners Institute was formed in March 2006 and was established to answer the need for an organisation of independent practitioners undertaking a wide range of forensic work in New Zealand.
Members of the Institute act independently providing expert services across the spectrum of civil and criminal proceedings and are not precluded from appearing for the defence or prosecution.
Our expert scientists, engineers and industry practitioners are available to provide reliable, well-researched and objective reports.

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IFPI helping to strengthen forensic capacity in Kazakhstan

IFPI has recently been honored by the visit of Mr Yury Bikbaev of Kazakhstan. He is the project leader of Kazakhstan’s new forensic reform project, a joint venture between the World Bank and the Kazakhstan Ministry of Justice which is aiming to strengthen forensic capacity in Kazakhstan.  Yury is very interested in New Zealand because of its unique blend of forensic science services, consisting of the state funded ESR, the universities and private independent practitioners, which IFPI represents. Yury was very appreciative of the insights, suggestions and case experiences that we were able to share with him. These are likely to contribute to charting Kazakhstan’s road map of forensic reform, and lead to opportunities for collaboration between IFPI members and Kazakhstan forensic practitioners in the future.

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One of the meetins with Mr Yury Bikbaev. L to R: Dr Nick Powell, President, Dr Arie Geursen, Mr Andrew McGregor, Secretary and Mr Yury Bikbaev.

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